Raffaele Rizzi

Raaele Rizzi is a brilliant example of the inexhaustible source of talents that the Parthenopean capital continues to give to the world of electronic music for over twenty years. Despite his young age, Raffaele has an extended and variegated discography including releases on label such as: Rino Cerrone’s Loose Records and Unrilis, Markantonio’s Analytictrail, Mauro Picotto’s Alchemy, 2000 and One’s 100%Pure, Christian Smith’s Tronic and more. Born and raised in Naples, he began studying piano at the early age of ten, firstly as self-taught and then under the musical studies center of his city. Mostly thanks to his infinite passion for music and the open-minded culture, seduced by the idea of being able to create a sound by increasing or decreasing the pitch on the turntable. At the age of 15 he was seduced by electronic music and it’s repetitive although changing rhythms. Within the techno trend, he is influenced by the music of Gabriel Ananda, Rino Cerrone, and musicians like him that find inspiration for their tracks looking beyond the classical schemes. Raffaele is dedicated in developing its own musical identity within the techno trend, distinguished by dark, raw, and thunderous sounds.